Description of our product...

Tripe, a general term for beef stomach, consists of four parts. Owing to the demand of the products, The Tripe Factory Corp.  processes  and  packages  three of  the  four parts,  namely the
Rumen Tripe, Honeycomb Tripe and Omasum Tripe. The fourth part, the Abomasum Tripe will only be prepared on request. To ensure the supplies of raw material, The Tripe Factory Corp. purchases tripe from the Canadian slaughterhouses and in 1995, The Tripe Factory Corp. signed a contract with some of the largest slaughterhouses in USA. Within the first three years, The Tripe Factory Corp. established an immense market share in Canada.

In December of 1992, the very first container of Tripe was shipped to Korea, which opened the international door for the company. As to this date The Tripe Factory Corp. continues to ship hundreds of loads throughout the United States. Just to name a few, the products of The Tripe Factory Corp. can be found in New York, California, Florida, Texas and Minnessota.

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