In Celebration...

After 14 years in business, The Tripe Factory Corp. has grown from a rented space of only a few hundred square feet operation room to a self owned property of 36,000 square feet in Toronto, Ontario. Not only does the new plant provide a larger operation place, it is also equipped with a massive freezer storage, as well as 2 blast freezers reaching below 40 degrees Celsius. Well-trained technicians in production have been with the company for over 12 years; they ensure, monitor and consistent products, abiding by our HACCP system.


Five days a week, and around the clock service provided by management is also there to serve every corner of the world. The Tripe Factory Corp. wants to be sure that when a piece of tripe is picked up, either with a fork or with a pair of chopsticks, it will be a piece that has once passed our production line.

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